Bio Oil for Keloid Scars | Will it Fade Your Scars?
Keloid scars are a fairly common occurrence. They are characterized by raised bumps on the skin that are usually darker than the surrounding area. They are formed by the overgrowth of scar tissue. This happens after the skin has experienced some trauma, be it from ear piercings or burns or surgery or even chicken pox.… (0 comment)

Kojic Acid for Lips | A True Skin Lightener?
Kojic acid is a common ingredient in many skin care products. The acid is an agent that is produced by different fungi, particularly mushrooms. It is also a by-product of the fermenting of malting rice. This rice is used to make the popular Japanese rice wine. In addition to its multiple benefits to the skin,… (0 comment)

Using Retin A On Lips | Does Retin A Plump Lips?
Nobody likes chapped lips. Not only are they unsightly, but they could also start bleeding and this can be rather painful. Dry, cracked lips can be caused by a number of factors. Extremely dry weather is the number one cause for dry lips. Excessive exposure to the sun also affects not just your lips, but… (2 comments)

Tear Trough Treatment Cream | Will it Work For You?
Of the many skin imperfections that dog people, tear troughs are some of the most common. These are fat bulges that generally appear between the lower eyelid and the cheek. They are also commonly referred to as eye bags, and give the impression that someone is tired and sleep-deprived. They usually detract a lot from… (6 comments)

Bio Oil for Dark Knuckles | A Magical Elixir?
Bio Oil has been touted to be a magical elixir for just about every skin condition. The oil has been successfully used to treat dry skin, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and even dark knuckles. But what exactly is the oil made of? What makes it such a potent cure for a dozen skin condition? Here… (0 comment)