55 Beauty Blogs to Follow in 2018

55 Beauty Blogs to Follow in 2018
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Not having enough of the beauty blogs you’re following?

top beauty blogs

well…in this post I’m going to help you more with your beauty addiction by listing over 50 beauty blogs to follow in 2018 and get learn more about beauty stuff from experts and normal addicts like you, the blogs below aren’t listed in any specific order so don’t you think that the first one is the best among all and vice versa 😀 please take your time going through each one and pick your favorite and don’t forget to tell me which one is your favorite below in the comments section, have fun 😉

1. Pretty Connected 

Pretty Connected


2. Chapters of Kat


3. Beauty Banter

beauty banter


4. Genuine Glow

genuine glow


5. The Glamorganic Goddess

The Glamorganic Goddess


6. LexiWithTheCurls



7. Little Miss Beauty Boxes



8. Living Pretty, Naturally

Living Pretty, Naturally


9. No Nonsense Beauty Blog

No Nonsense Beauty Blog





11. Southern Beauty Guide

Southern Beauty Guide


12. The Organic Beauty

The Organic Beauty


13. ThisThatBeauty

this that beauty


14. Wake Up For Makeup

wake up for makeup


15. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic


16. Barely There Beauty

Barely There Beauty


17. Beauty Blitz

Beauty Blitz


18. A Beauty Junkie in London

A Beauty Junkie in London


19. Eleventh Beauty

Eleventh Beauty


20. Fab Over 40

Fab Over 40

21. Hey Aprill

Hey Aprill

22. Hooked On Beauty

Hooked On Beauty

23. Jasmine Talks Beauty

Jasmine Talks Beauty

24. Kimberlyloc


25. Laurzrah


26. LisaLise


27. The Natural Beauty & Health Blog

The Natural Beauty & Health Blog

28. The Natural Beauty Workshop

The Natural Beauty Workshop

29. Naturalla Beauty

Naturalla Beauty

30.This Natural Bee



31. Pint Sized Beauty

Pint Sized Beauty

32. Really Ree

Really Ree

33. Shameless Fripperies

Shameless Fripperies

34. Strawberry Blonde Beauty

Strawberry Blonde Beauty

35. The Best Beauty Blog

The Best Beauty Blog

36. A Little Obsessed

A Little Obsessed

37. The Black Pearl Blog

The Black Pearl Blog

38. The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl

39. Tori’s World

Tori's World

40. Vegan Beauty Review

Vegan Beauty Review

41. Viva Woman

Viva Woman

42. Well Beauty Blog

Well Beauty Blog

43. Beauty By Britanie

Beauty By Britanie

44. Fifty Shades of Snail

Fifty Shades of Snail

45. A Girl, Obsessed

A Girl, Obsessed

46. Cult of Pretty

Cult of Pretty

47. Jasmine Harding Makeup

Jasmine Harding Makeup

48. Lipstiq


49. Makeup and Beauty Forever

Makeup and Beauty Forever

50. The Makeup Directory

The Makeup Directory

51. Beauty Geek UK

Beauty Geek UK

52. Beauty Geek

Beauty Geek

53. Vanitynoapologies


54. My Women Stuff

My Women Stuff

55. GlossyPolish



56. HolleeWoodHair

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