About us

No More Marionette is a tiny blog made specifically to talk about marionette lines, what causes them, how to prevent them and finally how to get rid of them, but on 27/3/2018 we decided to re-brand our site to cover more topics in the beauty and aging skin category so we changed the site’s name and URL to Beauty Ping instead of No More Marionette.

All the information on this blog are gathered from all over the web in one place to provide you with all information about marionette lines and any other aging skin condition you can ever find online in one place.

There’re no doctors or specialists behind this blog, just a normal person who’s willing to provide you with high quality information about marionette lines and other skin conditions.

Please feel free to comment on our articles or contact us anytime if you have questions about this topic or any other topic related to beauty, thank you and enjoy reading 🙂

– Beauty Ping team