Best Tanning Goggles To Prevent Raccoon Eyes

Often after undergoing a tanning session, people complain of raccoon eyes. It actually means that you start looking like a raccoon wherein the area around your eyes becomes darker or perhaps there is a mismatch between the skin color of the rest of the body and that of the surrounding eye area.

A lot of people don’t want to wear goggles for fear of getting raccoon eyes. Because once you remove the eyewear after the tanning session, you have the skin color mismatch. However, the facial skin is sensitive and absorbs sunlight quickly so raccoon eyes can happen even without goggles.

Whether you go for an indoor tanning session or an outdoor, it is important to understand that UV rays are harmful and can cause damage to your eyes. The light coming from the sun is as harmful as the one coming from an indoor tanning lamp.

So just closing your eyes or covering them with cotton won’t work because eyelids are soft and thin and can’t protect your eyes from the UV rays.

Tanning goggles are meant to protect you from the harmful rays when you are enjoying your tanning session. It is important to select tanning goggles which suit your style and aesthetics.

However, not all tanning goggles can save you from raccoon eyes. So you need to choose a goggle which is good enough to cover the eyes and keeps you away from the dreaded raccoon eyes or the sunglass tan phenomenon.

Let us go ahead and review a few well-known tanning goggles that are available in the market.

Super Sunnies


They come in different bright colors like purple, blue, pink and black though the pink one is likely to catch your attention. If you like flaunting bright colors then definitely go for them. The goggles are FDA approved and the advertising material claim that they block 99.9% UV rays while allowing vision.

Design wise they are good, slim and sleek. The goggles offer good flexibility especially with an elastic headband which will fit all head sizes. They also have a wide nose ridge quite visible in advertisement images.

Super sunnies are very popular and offer value for money. Some users may find the plastic hard. They are suitable for stand up beds in indoor tanning sessions as well as regular beds in outdoor sessions.

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Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles


Peepers come in darker colors and are suitable for indoor and outdoor tanning sessions. They are lightweight and convenient to use. They are also approved by the FDA to block UV rays however they don’t claim to block 99.9% of rays like supper sunnies.

The goggles are made in such a way that they provide more coverage around the eye area probably that is to ensure that no light goes in. People with larger eyes may like them.

The nose ridge is kept high to avoid lines on the nose. Design wise they are not great but still manageable.

Peepers are for those who are looking for maximum protection from UV rays. If too much of sunlight causes dark rings or darker skin around your eyes then go for it.

However, some users may find that the lenses are not dark enough so if you are particular about very dark lenses then you may skip them.

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The igoggles score very highly in terms of sleekness and style. They are FDA compliant for a total UV ray protection.

They are only available in black color so not much variety here. Also, they come with separate black elastic. They can be used for indoor and outdoor sessions.

They are just big enough to cover the eyes so probably there might be a chance wherein the light may pass through. The plastic nose ridge is missing. In fact, the long black elastic passes through the goggle and compensates for that. The lens is polished and looks darker than other goggles.

The igoggles are less complicated in terms of their design and make. However, the user would need to be careful while tying the elastic around the head because tying too tightly might pressurize the eye. Also, they may not be suitable for people with big eyes.

Igoggles are cheap and worth investing especially for those people who don’t go for regular tanning sessions.

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Soft Podz Goggles By Podz


The soft podz goggles come in different colors. It comes with a keychain carry case. The carry case also comes in different colors. The Podz brand has kept travelers in mind and maybe that is the reason for special focus on a carry case even in their advertising.

The user would need to be careful when keeping the goggles in the carry case because there are chances of breaking down. The nose bridge is wider and flexible and therefore makes them quite suitable for stand up beds.

Generally, people have a habit of just cleaning the goggles and ignoring the carry case however it is advised that the users spend time cleaning both the objects in order to maintain proper hygiene.

Most people like them because they can be folded and kept in a carry case.

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Wink Ease

Wink ease is completely different when compared to the other tanning goggle brands that we have reviewed so far. It comes as a pack of fifty singular stickers. The user would need to fold the sticker like a cone and place it on the eye.

There is no nose bridge and no elastic strip. So the wink-ease scores highly on simplicity and ease with which they can be used. They can also be used in stand up beds in tanning salons.

However, the sticker adhesive may cause allergy to certain users. The user would need to be careful that they don’t have sweat around their eyes because then the adhesive may not stick properly.

Also, the users would need to be careful that the adhesive doesn’t stick to their eyelids. Therefore, Wink-ease may also not be suitable for those with lash extensions or large eyes.

Those allergic to adhesives may go for an alternative brand like California tan which sells plastics instead of stickers. But the disadvantage is that the plastic may fall off since there is no adhesive or strap to hold them.

If you are prone to getting bridge lines then Wink ease is ideal for you. The advertisements claim that they block 100% UV rays and are complete see through.

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Altogether, there are enough choices available in the market if you are looking for eye protection for your tanning session. There is no absolute answer to what exactly would be the best goggles that would prevent raccoon eyes.

The tanning goggles can be divided into two categories that include disposable and non-disposable. Though both the categories provide prevention from raccoon eyes but ideally a user would want to go for disposable eye protection like Wink ease or California tan. However, there is a flip side to disposable eyewear in terms of adhesives and stability.

If you want to opt for a non-disposable or a plastic goggle then besides fitting you need to keep the cleanliness factor in mind. Make sure that you clean your goggles periodically and don’t share them with anybody. Also, if you regularly visit tanning salons then it would be good if you carry your own goggles or request the salon staff for disposable ones.

Some goggles come in a pack of six or twelve but you should buy them only if you go for regular tanning sessions. If you go for tanning once in a while then buying a single pair would be a good idea. Besides that, it would be useless to go for goggles which provide extra coverage around the eye area.

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