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Can Botox Help Marionette Lines?

Can Botox Help Marionette Lines?
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Are you wondering what marionette lines are and whether using Botox can help as an appropriate treatment, keep reading to figure out the answer for your question more in detail.

Marionette lines are considered the hallmark of aging by many, especially since they tend to curve the sides of the mouth downwards resulting in a sad dissatisfied look. Unlike wrinkles, these lines can be quite difficult to deal with using conventional anti-aging practices. Even beauticians sometimes struggle with when to choose a filler or neurotoxin like Botox. Although neurotoxins have shown great promise in the removal of wrinkles, facial lines and lifting the lips, it is still not clear whether they are the ideal option when it comes to marionette lines. Nevertheless, you can still find clinics and beauty centers that offer Botox for marionette lines and a couple testimonials seem to reflect positive outcome. The real question as to whether Botox can be used to help reduce marionette lines calls for a careful look at both the problem and solution in question.

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What Causes Marionette Lines?

In order to treat or reduce them, it is important to understand what causes marionettes. In simple terms, marionette lines are furrows or grooves running downwards from the mouth to the jaw line. The muscle affected is Depressor Anguli Oris that attaches the corners of the mouth to the jaw line. When this muscle’s toning increases, it pulls down the sides of the mouth and accentuates the marionette lines. Some people believe having a skinnier face can contribute to toning of surface muscles thus increased lines. However, marionettes are part of aging and the lines will eventually show up at a later time in life regardless of what you do. A fuller face may help keep them away, but this may result in weight gain in other areas that you do not want.

How Does Botox Treatment Work?

Botox is part of the neurotoxin drugs injected into the skin to treat various muscle conditions. In the cosmetic industry, they are popularly used to reduce wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the implicated facial muscles. Botox is made from botulin, a bacterial toxin, and works perfectly on horizontal muscles. It can also be used for vertical grooves, but experts believe it does not penetrate into the deep folds. It is injected in the outer folds to lift lips and eyelids. The effect of a Botox treatment can occur within 3-10 days and remain for up to 10 months depending on the dosage you were given.

Can Botox Help Marionette Lines?

Although most people are skeptical about the process, the science allows a possibility considering Botox is all about how you rest and relax your muscles during the process. Normal procedure involves cleaning the area, marking it up and injecting light doses on the bacteria in the marked areas. Slight muscle displacement may result in injecting the wrong places and missing out on the muscles. When done correctly, Botox can help reduce some of the marionette lines by preventing further grooving. Most experts recommend a combination of Botox and fillers for the best outcome. Botox alone will not help you achieve the recovery you want especially since the Depressor Anguli Oris muscles are located in the deeper folds. Botox treatment will paralyze the outer folds preventing further caving then fillers can conceal existing lines and furrows.

The Process:

Botox for marionette lines has been offered to several patients including both men and women. The dosage for women is 2 units per side while that of men is 2-4 units per side. The process takes about 30 minutes to finish and involves the conventional Botox procedures like cleaning and marking. It is fairly safe and does not require return appointments for checkups unless it is your first time; you may be advised to visit after 2-3 weeks. Slight bruising may occur as a result of injecting the Botox, but these will soon be resolved within a few days. You can conceal them with makeup. Some people dissolve Botox faster than others and may need another procedure within 7 months. Others take up to 10 months before they need another Botox. In general, most patients will need repeated procedures once or twice a year.

What to Consider:

There are several centers that offer Botox for marionette lines and while finding them is no problem, you cannot trust all to provide reliable services. It is important to carefully review your options and find out whether they can safely perform the procedure. The best way to evaluate such centers is through looking up reviews, comments and testimonials from previous clients. If possible, contact one of the clients directly to learn more about the process and results. If more people are complaining or seem dissatisfied, then it is best to consider other options.

You should also consider a medical examination to determine whether you are the right candidate for Botox although most are. It is still important especially if you have an underling medical condition or are under other medications. Nevertheless, Botox is injected in the skin rather than ingested. There are very few possible cases for counteraction. Botox is a safe procedure that takes a few minutes to complete and does not need an anesthetic unless you are overwhelmed by the thought of needles.

Cost is another important consideration to make although this will be determined by the number of units you need. Simply compare prices once you have 2-3 reliable offers that can meet your unique needs. Cost should be the last aspect to review before making your decision.

While Botox are popular and there are fewer cases of complications, it is still important to bear this in mind however little or insignificant the percentage is. Choose clinics that are closer to your residence or those that are easily accessible when you need them.


Aging can lead to marionettes, cause depression and result in more marionette lines. It is important to take care of things as soon as they occur. Do not wait until the lines have become profound to start treating them. Rather, consider your options immediately they occur to help delay them. The aging lines do not appear allover sudden and dealing with them is a lifetime activity so your options should be for the long haul. When done correctly, Botox can help reduce the marionette lines. Fillers will do an even better job to restore your youthful beauty and enliven your face. Only work with credible reputable professionals for the best outcome possible.

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