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Marionette Lines at 40 & What to Do About it

Marionette Lines at 40 & What to Do About it
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One of the most pronounced signs of aging is the loss of skin elasticity. This is usually characterized by wrinkles, sagging skin and marionette lines. Marionette lines, also known as puppet lines or nasolabial folds, are particularly bothersome to those who have them. Unlike ordinary wrinkles, they tend to portray the emotion that you may not even be feeling. They may give others the impression that you are mad or sad even when that is not the case. Ultimately, they also detract a lot from your appearance.

There is no telling when these lines will start appearing. Some get marionette lines at 40, others in their sixties and some even in their twenties. There are many factors that influence whether or not you will get puppet lines, their depth and how early they will start appearing. Luckily, there are also various ways through which you can combat these offensive lines. Read on to learn more about marionette lines.

What Causes Marionette Lines?

Just like wrinkles, the appearance of marionette lines can be blamed on the loss of skin elasticity. As you age, your skin loses elastin and collagen, which are its two main building blocks. This leads to the appearance of creases and folds on your face. Additionally, the fat deposits in your skin get depleted with time, leading to the sagging of your skin. You may also notice that your face appears hollow, all but adding to your agony.

What Factors influence The Appearance of Marionette Lines?

1. Genetics


One of the single most influential factors on the appearance of marionette lines is genetics. Basically, if other members of your family have puppet lines, chances are rather high that you too will get the lines. Does your mother or grandmother have these lines? Then you ought to brace yourself for the likelihood that you too will get them. You will also probably get the lines at around the same time your elder relatives got them.

2. Exposure to the Sun

Exposure to the Sun

Excessive exposure of your skin to the sun is the root cause of many skin problems, and marionette lines are not an exception. If you are in the habit of going out in the sun without applying enough sunscreen, you are multiplying your chances of getting these stubborn lines.

3. Smoking


Smoking is yet another habit that has absolutely no benefits to your skin or overall health. Not only does it cause various types of cancer, but it is also thought to contribute to the appearance of puppet lines. This is because the chemicals found in cigarettes are known to deplete elastin and collage in your skin, thus leading to the occurrence of the lines. In any case, what good can the countless toxins found in cigarettes do to your skin?

4. Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Although this is not really a factor that contributes to the existence of puppet lines, it is certainly one that exacerbates them. When you are anxious, you may find yourself frowning, which only serves to worsen the appearance of the lines. Additionally, habits such as pursing your lips can lead to the creation and deepening of marionette lines.

How to Deal With Marionette Lines

Many people who have puppet lines often wonder, how can I get rid of these lines? Most wish that there was a magic wand that they could simply wave over their faces in order to make these lines disappear forever. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to make the lines vanish in a second. But there are various ways through which you can reduce the appearance of these lines, or even get rid of them completely for months at a time. Some of the treatment options for puppet lines include the following:


1. Use Topical Creams

topical creams

Topical creams are a popular treatment option for marionette lines. They are creams that usually contain retinol as an active ingredient. The alpha-hydroxy acid present in these creams attracts moisture to the skin as well as tightens it. This minimizes the appearance of marionette lines significantly.

Topical creams do deliver results, only that they don’t do it instantly. You have to be patient and perseverant in order to see any changes in your appearance. The lines will disappear gradually, but they will disappear all the same. You also have to ensure that you rub these creams as instructed without fail. If you are not consistent, you will not see great results.

The greatest advantage of using retinol creams to treat marionette lines is that they are not invasive. They also don’t have any major side effects, and can be used by people of all colors and skin types.

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2. Injectable Fillers

injectable fillers

Just like retinol creams, injectable fillers are also a popular way of getting rid of puppet lines. Basically, this is an injection that contains Hyaluronic acid, which is best known for its ability to attract moisture. It is estimated that the acid can hold water which is about 1000 times the weight of the acid. The moisture then fills up the face, thus giving it a plump appearance. The overall effect of this is that it erases the puppet lines from your face.

On the downside, however, injectable fillers have been known to lead to bruising and reddening of the injected part, which can be rather uncomfortable.

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3. Facelifts


You may also opt to get a facelift in order to get rid of the lines. This surgical procedure generally involves the tightening of the skin around the mouth. It is different from an ordinary facelift because the skin around the eyes and cheeks is not affected. It is an effective strategy to combat puppet lines and almost always produces the desired effect. However, it carries with it the risk of ordinary surgical procedures, such as the risk of developing an infection.


There is no denying the fact that marionette lines can be frustrating. They can even be positively frightening to some. But that need not be the case. There are countless treatment options for these lines, ranging from a facelift to the use of topical creams to exfoliating the skin around your mouth and even injectable fillers. You should couple these treatments with healthy lifestyle habits such as not exposing your skin to the sun and quitting smoking. If you do so, you should start seeing the lines disappearing gradually.

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