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Benefits of Phytoceramides: What Are Phytoceramides?

Benefits of Phytoceramides: What Are Phytoceramides?
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Aging is a natural and inevitable process. Although it is easy to accept the reality of getting old, you may not be quite prepared for what it really means. Age takes a serious toll on a person’s physical appearance. Skin starts to sag and wrinkles appear. Sometimes, due to fat depletion, hollowness in various parts of the face can also occur.

Most people would do anything to combat these effects of aging. Fortunately, there are quite a number of ways to reduce the effects. Some are certainly more effective than others, while others are complete shams. One of the rather popular means of fighting aging is the use of phytoceramides.

If you have no idea what these are, you are certainly not alone. These supplements are a rather recent addition to the myriad of other products used to reverse aging. Here is all you need to know about them.

What are Phytoceramides?


The skin has lipids known as ceramides. These help to hold surface cells together as well as to retain moisture. Unfortunately, as people age, the skin produces less and less of these lipids, leading to the signs that are synonymous with aging such as dry skin, wrinkles and age spots.

In order to reverse these effects of aging, scientists started isolating the ceramides from animal sources. These were later incorporated in most skin care creams, and they undoubtedly proved to be effective. There was just one problem: ceramides in creams did not quite penetrate the four layers of the skin, hence their effectiveness was severely limited.

Eventually, scientists decided to isolate ceramides from plants, particularly from rice, wheat and sweet potatoes. These were called phytoceramides and they were to be ingested as tablets. Within a few trials, it was clear that these were a groundbreaking invention that could greatly aid in restoring a youthful skin.

The Benefits of Phytoceramides

They include the following:

Phytoceramides are proven to work:
  • They penetrate the four layers of skin
  • They are known to slow down aging
  • They are affordable
  • The stimulate collagen formation

1. Penetration

One of the greatest drawbacks of ceramides found in creams is that they could not penetrate all four layers of the skin. This meant that problems such as wrinkle formation and loss of elasticity were addresses superficially, and not at their core. This was a temporary solution which was unsatisfactory.

Phytoceramides, on the other hand, are ingested as tablets, which means that they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. They, therefore, work from the inside out in rejuvenating the skin, starting with the deepest layer. The ultimate result is those skin problems are cured from the very source.

You may wonder, but why should I take tablets if I can simply get the phytoceramides from foods? After all, don’t rice, wheat and sweet potatoes form a basic part of our diet? Why don’t they reduce the spotting and the wrinkles? The answer is that phytoceramides are found in very little concentration in such foods. This is not enough to make any difference in your appearance, which is why tablets are far more effective.

2. Moisturizes the Skin

Another major benefit of phytoceramides is that they lock moisture in the skin. A moisturized, glowing skin is certainly everybody’s desire and can go a long way in minimizing the effects of aging. If you have been experiencing dry, scaly skin, then phytoceramides might be the ideal solution to your problem.

Additionally, they stimulate the creation of a protective barrier on the skin. This barrier protects your skin from inflammation, sunburns and ultimately, moisture loss. All these add to the beauty of your skin and retain its youthfulness.

3. Stimulate Collagen Production

If there is one thing that spells aging, it is loose, sagging skin and prominent wrinkles. These can be a constant bother to anyone. They normally occur when the skin can no longer produce as much collagen as it once did. Collagen aids in maintaining skin elasticity and plumping up the skin.

Phytoceramides are known to encourage the production of collagen. This restores elasticity to your skin, significantly minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and tightening the skin a bit. It can work wonders for your overall appearance.

4. Convenience

There are many methods of minimizing the effects of age, but they are not all the same. Some are time- consuming and even tiring to follow through. Some may positively endanger your well-being. Some are all too expensive.

While phytoceramides are not without their defects, they sure do help cure the defects of other methods. For one thing, they are reasonably priced. With them, you can rest assured that you are getting value for your money.

Secondly, taking them is really the easiest thing to do. You simply need to take the tablet and you are good to go. No more worrying about a thirty-minute skin care routine as is the case with skin care creams, and neither do you have to apprehensively await a surgical procedure as is the case with facelifts.

The Side Effects of Phytoceramides

There are not any recorded side effects of using phytoceramides. However, if you suffer from wheat intolerance, you would be well advised to stay off Phytoceramides sourced from wheat, as the effects may be somewhat uncomfortable. But you can still use phytoceramides sourced from other plants such as rice and sweet potatoes.

Additionally, if you are expectant or are nursing, using phytoceramides or other supplements for that matter may not be the wisest thing to do. Although there is no record that they may affect your pregnancy negatively, it is really not worth taking the risk. Only use supplements with your doctor’s approval while expectant.


Phytoceramides are currently riding a high wave of popularity and for good reason too. They are arguably the best at reversing the aging process and restoring youthful, flawless skin. One can easily understand why you may be wary of trying them out: after all, they are a relatively new invention, who knows what dangers they hold? From countless studies conducted around the world, there is really little to worry about. In fact, save for those who have a wheat allergy or pregnant women, you really have nothing to worry over.

Given their effectiveness and the fact that they pose no serious side-effects, why not give phytoceramides a try? In return, you are assured that they will reduce wrinkles and restore moisture to your skin in about a month’s time. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all, does it?


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