Using Retin A On Lips | Does Retin A Plump Lips?

Using Retin A On Lips | Does Retin A Plump Lips?
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Nobody likes chapped lips. Not only are they unsightly, but they could also start bleeding and this can be rather painful. Dry, cracked lips can be caused by a number of factors. Extremely dry weather is the number one cause for dry lips. Excessive exposure to the sun also affects not just your lips, but also your entire face. Sometimes, being dehydrated can also cause dry, flaky lips.

One of the best ways to treat dry lips is to apply some Retin A cream on them. The cream contains Tretinoin, which is a form of Vitamin A that is best known for rejuvenating the skin. Retin A also helps to add volume to your lips. Here is all you need to know about using Retin A on lips, and other benefits the cream might have on your skin:

  1. Plumps Out Your Lips

If you find your lips to be rather too small for your liking, then you might find some recourse in Retin A. The cream is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, which is used to plump out various parts of the skin. The acid attracts water at an exceedingly high rate. This then gives volume to the desired area. Better still, Retin A promotes the creation of new collagen fibers. This is important in boosting the volume of your lips by making the skin around them firmer and tighter.

  1. Treats Dry Lips

Another major benefit of Retinol A on lips is that it promotes the healing of dry, cracked lips. First, it stimulates the removal of the dead skin on your lips, which is usually flaky and unpleasant to look at. This reveals the new shiny layer of skin that lies underneath. With this cream, you can permanently put the days of chapped lips behind you.


How to Use Retinol A on Lips

Retinol A is a usually sold as a topical cream, although gels of the substance do exist. You are strongly advised not to ingest the cream as this can have disastrous consequences. So then, how can you safely apply the cream on the lips without ingesting it?

First of all, you should only apply the cream on the outer parts of the lips. Secondly, most specialists advise that you apply the cream only when you are going to bed. This lowers your chances of licking your lips and ingesting the cream.

It is also important to only use the cream as per the instructions. Overdosing will not do your skin any good; it will not even hasten the healing of cracked lips. Simply follow your physician’s instructions to the latter and you should see gradual improvement.

Also, don’t give up on the cream after using it for a few days. Given its mild nature, it might be weeks before you even notice any changes on your lips. Moreover, the cream works from the inside out. It starts by healing the inner layers of the skin and then polishes up the exterior. Therefore you must be really patient to see any results. Usually, it will take 8-12 weeks for chapped lips to heal completely.


Other Benefits of Retin A For Your Skin

The benefits of Retin A on the skin are many varied, and include the following:

  • Treats acne
  • Fights sun damage
  • Clears wrinkles
  • Treats Keratosis Pilaris


Retin A Uses

  1. Treats Acne

Acne is one of the most devastating skin conditions. Not only are the breakouts unpleasant, but the aftermath can also be quite unsightly. Retin A has been shown to go a long way in treating acne. First, the compound clears the skin pores, getting rid of the oil that clogs them. This makes it hard for acne to fester on such skin, since it thrives on clogged, oily pores. Additionally, the creams reduce the production of oil on the face. Less oil lowers the chances of an acne breakout. Finally, the cream helps to get rid of old cells that give the face a dull appearance. Like unblocking the skin pores, exfoliation also minimizes the chances of acne developing on the face.


  1. Fights Wrinkles

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity. This is as a result of a drop in the levels of collagen being produced by the body. Reduced elasticity translates to sagging skin, and this further results in the creation of wrinkles and fine lines. Retin A has been shown to promote the production of collagen in the body. This restores skin elasticity and makes the skin a lot firmer. The cream has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to fight wrinkles as well as many other signs of ageing.


  1. Fights Sun Damage

Another benefit that comes with using Retin A creams is that they promote healing of sun- damaged skin. Some of the most evident signs of sun damage include the presence of sun burns, intense inflammation and even the falling off of damaged skin. Needless to say, the aftermath of excessive exposure to the sun is painful.

Rubbing some Retin A cream on the affected area can help ease the pain significantly. The cream has a soothing effect on the area which helps to reduce the inflammation. Additionally, its exfoliation properties help to remove the affected cells. This hastens the healing process considerably.


  1. Good for Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition that affects a majority of the population. Although it does not pause any health risks, it is not very appealing to the eyes. There is no known cure for the condition, although there are certain substances that make it less conspicuous. Retin A is one of these substances. It has been shown to reduce the size and redness of the rashes.


Worried about using Retin-A on your lips? why not try this alternative retinol cream instead:


Retin A has countless benefits for the skin in general and lips in particular. For cracked, dry lips, massaging the cream on the affected area would drastically improve the situation. The cream can also help to make your lips appear fuller. This is particularly helpful to those who find their lips to be rather small. Additionally, the cream helps battle a number of skin conditions. This includes acne, wrinkles and even Keratosis Pilaris. All in all, Retin A is extremely beneficial to the skin. Try it and you will see it yourself.


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